Declaration of Privacy

Privacy Information

We use personally-identifying information gathered during visits to our website in compliance to German, European and international law. Our web pages may contain links to third party websites not covered by this declaration of privacy.

Gathering of Information

We respect your privacy and obstain from using analytical tools such as Google Analytics.

While visiting our website our servers save the the referring website, the web pages visited, along with the date and duration of your visit and the IP address used to access our site.

Use of Information

We store, treat and use your personally-identifying information for our purposes only and strictly limited to the nessecary extent. We do not share such data with third parties.

We may share aggregated information with others, for instance in the case of user statistics of our web presence. This aggregated information does not include any personally identifying information.

Inquiry Rights

Upon request, we will inform you, if and which personally-identifying information is stored in our systems.

Data Security and Integrity

We use technical and organisational security measures to protect the administered data against arbitrary or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons.

Your data will be stored in servers controlled by the provider of this website and located at our addresses or at data centers of our web hosters.

Electronic Message Exchange, Encryption

Electronic messages transmitted via public internet may be intercepted. Please do not disclose any unnessecary or sensible data. If you choose to transmit such data, please use traditional mail or a secure, encrypted connection and a qualified digital signature, if applicable.

If you transmit data via our website (e. g. during login or while filling in a form), our servers may offer a secure connection.

Our email servers support encrypted, secure connections, if you directly transmit your messages to the "MX" of our domain names and if your systems are properly adapted to such a mode of transmission.

Protection Against Spam

Unsolicited, commercial messages are . In order to protect us from spammers, who auto-search websites for email addresses, our email addresses are dynamically created. This includes the legally required contact addresses.

Some clearly commented email addresses are offered not to be used in any business relation, but solely to attract and detect spammers.

You will only receive emails concerning from us (including general information and offers), if you opted for this way of communication or resulting from an existing business relationship.